Why OmeTV is a popular choice for random chat

Only Real People

Live cam chat with real people

Every random cam chat is essentially about two individuals interacting. We ensure zero fakes, so you'll only connect with authentic users.

Totally Free

Free random chat to talk to strangers

Engage in conversations for as long as you want, entirely for free! Our chat and its features require no subscriptions or "diamonds" purchase.

Social Network

Random chat with social network

Talk to strangers in video chat, meet new people, make new friends and keep in touch with them via OmeTV social network — all within one platform!


Ad-free random chat for strangers

Enjoy a 100% decrease in ad exposure during your time on OmeTV. Our chat is the place to talk, flirt, and have fun without any ad interruptions.

For starters, it’s ‘Oh-me-TV’, not ‘Oh-meg-ull’: answering questions about OmeTV

Isn’t OmeTV a revised version of the Omegle website?

OmeTV is an independent random chat service, not affiliated with Omegle in any way. We are different in many ways, and we think you’ll love it. 🥰

So, in what ways does OmeTV differ from Omegle?

Here’s the thing — since OmeTV's launch in 2015, we're continuously enhancing our platform. Not stopping for even a second. ☝️

What makes your cam chat service stand out among competitors?

We try to keep things simple, incorporating only essential elements from the latest advancements in video streaming, interfaces, and social networks.🧐

What does OmeTV have in store for the future?

We are continually working on new and exciting features you’ll love. Stay tuned for numerous improvements coming your way. 😉

How do you pronounce OmeTV?

‘Oh-meg-ull’... Just kidding 😇 It’s ‘Oh-me-TV.’ Like, OMG, I’m on TV!

What's OmeTV's mission?

Our mission is simple – to dissolve boundaries and connect people. Our platform is designed to help people find new acquaintances, make friends or find love. We believe that meaningful connections should be accessible to everyone and come without a price tag.

Can you provide more details about your random chat?

Of course! 🙂 Please visit our FAQ page and find more answers there!

OmeTV gives you real freedom with online socializing — you decide who you chat with, what you discuss, and how long the conversation lasts. However, we ask you to follow a few simple guidelines. Please familiarize yourself with these rules before starting your OmeTV journey.

If you encounter inappropriate behaviour or if someone is troubling you, report it to our moderators. In the app, you can also instantly block these users by tapping the flag icon. You can unblock them once they send you apologies or some flowers. 😊

Chat Rules

Summing up, OmeTV is an easy-to-use chat, social network, and great company to enjoy

  • Chat live with thousands of users online
  • Attract new followers by posting your best pics
  • Check out profiles and follow those you like
  • Message friends, followers, and strangers
  • View hundreds of photos posted by others every day
  • Download our free app and sign up in a snap
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